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PSH debuts first edition of 'The Anvil'

Published on Thursday, May 28, 2020

front page of the anvil

BCSD provided photo

成人自拍视频In a time when learning from home felt anything but normal, a new student organization at Philip Simmons High found a way to bring normality to students.

The four-student staff of the school’s new literary magazine successfully completed and unveiled the school’s first-ever edition of The Anvil this week.

The Anvil is 65 pages of student artwork, poetry, photography, short stories and even a link to a student-made video, all for the sake of letting the Iron Horses show their creative side ().

The back page of the publication explains the magazine’s title; it is a nod to the school’s namesake, who was a well-known blacksmith.

成人自拍视频“My instrument is an anvil,” the late Philip Simmons once said. “I guess some of you have heard me play a tune on the anvil, the old blacksmith tune… I’m proud of that anvil, really proud. That anvil fed me when I was hungry and that anvil clothed me when I was naked. That anvil put shoes on my feet.”

The magazine was staffed by senior lead editor Autumn Fort, junior assistant editor Daniel Shannon, senior Madison Tomkins and sophomore Camille Fei. Shannon will rise into the lead editor position next year and Fei will serve as the assistant editor.

成人自拍视频The students were guided by two advisers, English teachers Laura Garner and Angela Pilson.

成人自拍视频Garner said the idea of the magazine came about shortly before school buildings closed for social distancing measures. Fort went up to Garner one day and handed her a pack of poems she had written herself.

Fort has been writing poetry since elementary school. Garner later reached out to Fort after reading her poetry and presented the idea of starting a literary magazine.

Garner said she realized they really needed to provide an outlet for creative writing for students, not just academic writing.

成人自拍视频Plus, it was something that the whole school could participate in by submitting work.

“This was a little bit of normalcy we could give the kids,” Garner said. The magazine ended up being subtitled “Some Kind of Normal” – the plan is for there to be a different subtitle with future publications.

成人自拍视频Shannon got onboard with the project, as well as Fei and Tomkins, and they started bouncing ideas off each other to create the magazine.

“I loved everyone that I worked with…they were so cooperative and helpful in bouncing back and forth ideas,” Fort said.

成人自拍视频Garner invited Pilson to be the group’s co-adviser. All Philip Simmons High students were invited to send in submissions to be featured in the magazine. This proved to be a challenge when the school buildings closed and everything had to be done virtually.

成人自拍视频Pilson said the staff had to learn a lot of soft skills, including collaborating and communication to accomplish publishing the magazine, as well as a lot of time management – “more sophisticated tasks than other students get to practice,” she said.

成人自拍视频Garner said it was a real learning experience for all the students.

“Definitely pulls out all the work and life skills the district has been advertising this year,” she said.

However, Shannon said the added challenge of the pandemic really made them more adamant to get the magazine completed.

“It was really complicated trying to get everything together,” he said. “I’m pretty happy with how it turned out despite all the challenges that we faced.”

Through the use of lots of Google Meet, including late-night meetings, the staff successfully pulled off Vol. 1 of The Anvil.

In addition to the written works, Garner doted on Paige Duvall, "art teacher extraordinaire" at Philip Simmons High, whose student artwork is showcased throughout the pages as well (most pages contain a written work plus submitted artwork).

Fort said seeing the digital copy for the first time was “magical.” She said Garner presented it via e-mail with the message: “Here’s our baby.”

“That really is what it was,” Fort said. “It was crazy to see it come to life.”

All students who have work featured in the magazine will have a hardcopy sent to them. The staff celebrated May 26 by hosting a virtual coffee house poetry slam where students who have work featured in the magazine could read their work aloud, or comment on their work. The staff had more than 40 online participants and, like at a live poetry reading, participants snapped their fingers in response for each reader.

成人自拍视频Pilson is hopeful next year they will have more students on staff, more students submitting work and, hopefully, the magazine will earn some awards.

She is also hopeful the magazine will begin to incorporate more 3D and mechanical elements, like creative robotics or art installation.

“We’ve got a good range of stuff in there,” she said.

成人自拍视频As the rising senior editor, Shannon said he hopes they can live up to the standards the staff set this year, and continue to create a place where students can showcase their artistic skills.

成人自拍视频“I am happy with the end product,” he said.

Monica Kreber