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Sept. 8 school start date approved

Updated on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

At the Tuesday, July 28 meeting of the Berkeley County Board of Education, a revised version of the 2020-2021 instructional calendar (w/ an amendment) was approved.

The newly-revised and approved calendar has students returning to school (online and in-person) on September 8. The approved amendment to the calendar also makes November 25 a student/teacher holiday; adds June 17 as a half-day for students and makes June 18 and 21 teacher workdays. 

Board members unanimously approved the calendar and amendment following discussion – most of that discussion centered on November 25, which is the day prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

成人自拍视频“Our employees are stressed. They are frustrated, as we all are with this COVID,” said District 5 board representative Dave Barrow.  “We’re all frustrated, so let’s reach out to them and give them something to say, ‘Hey, our school board understands that we want to travel.’ We want to accommodate that.” 


“I do think this helps to provide some normalcy,” board chair Sally Wofford said. 

成人自拍视频The calendar has all teachers returning to work on August 31. Teachers working LEAP Days (K-8 only) will also work August 17-21.