Safety & Security

  • 成人自拍视频The safety and security of our students and staff is - and will continue to be - .

    Each year BCSD plans and executes several large-scale crisis simulations. Those events are made possible by partnerships with local and national law enforcement. The goal -- to give teachers and administrators hands-on training in the area of Safety and Security.
Director of Safety and Security, Tim Knight
Brian Fenton
  • Brian Fenton
    Safety and Security Investigator
    Office: (843) 899-8364
    Fax: (843) 899-8685
Joseph Dickman
  • Joe Dickman
    Safety and Security Trainer
    Office: (843) 899-8996

Summer SRO Training

Department Highlights

  • • BCSD hosted a large-scale, multi-agency active shooter exercise; the largest of its kind in over a decade.

    • The district’s first-ever, full-scale parent/student reunification drill was held. The Office of Safety and Security was expanded with the addition of an investigator and training officer.

    成人自拍视频• Security improvements were implemented at Fishburne Educational Center.

    • Through grant funding, BCSD law enforcement radio coverage was improved and expanded.

    • Emergency/crisis response tabletop exercises were conducted with Berkeley County Emergency Preparedness and other government agencies.

    • BCSD again planned and hosted an active shooter/gunfire demonstration for administrators and teachers with the help of local law enforcement agencies.

News & Info

Looking Forward

  • 成人自拍视频• The Office of Safety and Security hopes to increase engagement with student leadership teams.

    成人自拍视频• With the addition of a safety/security trainer to the team, the office will provide more training opportunities to all BCSD employees.

    成人自拍视频• The Office of Safety and Security is working to plan more events, activities and trainings to engage parents and community members.

    成人自拍视频• As BCSD is currently in the spotlight for state and national school security efforts, the team is working to maintain that status while constantly improving its efforts to keep schools safe.