• The Sedgefield Middle School counseling program is a comprehensive, developmental program for all students and is an essential component of the total instructional program. The counselors strive to provide an optimal learning environment that will prepare each student for success in high school and the continuation of life-long learning as stated in the Mission Statement of Sedgefield Middle School.

    The program consists of four components: Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, Responsive Services, and System Support.How do Counselors implement the program components?

    Guidance Curriculum: Counselors provide students with opportunities to promote positive mental health and to acquire and use life skills through classroom and group activities.

    Individual Student Planning: Counselors work with students to plan and evaluate their educational, occupational, and personal goals. This involves, but is not limited to, transitioning from elementary to middle school and from middle to secondary school. This component also involves meeting with parents and students to provide career and post-secondary  information as well as formulating an Individual Graduation Plan for all eighth graders.

    Responsive Services: Counselors assist students through personal counseling, crisis counseling, agency referral, consultation with parents, teachers, other professionals, and support groups. The counselor may provide short-term individual sessions or small group sessions with students facing similar challenges.

    System Support: Counselors are involved in many school-wide programs that maintain and enhance the total guidance program. These programs include staff and community relations, consultation with teachers and parents, professional development, program management procedures and research and development. Counselors may organize Character Education Programs, coordinate school-wide advisory programs, coordinate Red Ribbon Week activities, and publish guidance newsletters.