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     Office of Special Services

  • 成人自拍视频The vision of the Berkeley County Office of Special Services is to ensure positive outcomes for students through innovative instruction, a strength-based focus, and embracing individuality.

    成人自拍视频We make a difference--one student, one classroom, one school, and one family at a time.

    成人自拍视频In collaboration with general education, we will utilize a growth-mindset as we meet each opportunity and challenge for success. We will use communication as a tool for sharing ideas, posing questions for improvement, and problem-solving solutions for our student-centered outcomes. In this process, we will strive to be creative with new approaches in innovation and invention. We will encourage one another to link learning across disciplines and bring new ideas for solving problems.

    成人自拍视频In keeping with the district mission, we strive to empower all students for success.

    Priority initiatives include:

    • High quality specially designed instruction provided using standards-based instruction, personalized learning, and innovative programs.
    • Positive outcomes for students aligned with the system of Results-Driven Accountability.
    • Coordinated systems of support in all BCSD classrooms for academic and social/emotional.

    成人自拍视频We consider it a privilege to serve our children with disabilities to accomplish the vision and mission of the Berkeley County School District.

Katie Stapleton, Director of Special Services
  • Katie Stapleton
    Director of Special Services
    Michelle Palmer
    Administrative Assistant
    Special Services:  
    (843) 899-8890    |    FAX: (843) 899-8669

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